Jamie Davison » Remote Learning May 26th-May 29th

Remote Learning May 26th-May 29th

Remote Learning Lesson Plans For May 26th – May 29th

The plans below are for 5/26-5/29, please try your best to complete the work with your child according to whatever schedule works best for your family!  


 This week, we are going to continue working on “Fairy Tales”

Fairy tales are fun stories to read and write.  We have listened to a few throughout the school year and you probably have heard some at home as well.  Here are some examples…


The Three Little Pigs

Three Billy Goats Gruff

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Snow White


The Little Red Hen


Fairy tales are important because they spark our imagination, and are often magical.  They are NOT realistic and anything can really happen in them.  The characters can be people or talking animals.  Some characters are very good and kind.  Sometimes there is an evil character in the story too.  This type of story usually starts with “Once upon a time…” and it often ends with a “happily ever after”. 



 Last week you took some time to create a character and a setting for your fairy tale.  This week, you will write a story about your character.  Use your imagination and have fun!  It should have a beginning, middle and ending.  Please include illustrations on each page.  Take your time and work on this story throughout the week. 


When you have finished your writing ideas, please send it to me via Dojo or  post it on Seesaw.


This week, we are going to continue our unit called “Avid Readers”

Please view the “Avid Readers Session 2” lesson posted on Seesaw. 

This week will be focusing on how Avid Readers:

-Can’t stop reading

-Really pay attention to the book

-Feel like the characters are feeling


In the beginning of the week.  Completed the “Character’s Feeling” Lesson about the story Chrysanthemum. 


On Thursday or Friday, Complete the “Character’s Feeling” Lesson about one of the characters in a book that you read this week.


*Please continue to read on Raz-Kids and try to record at least one story for me to listen to you read this week!  You should be reading at least 10-15 minutes each day.  You are doing AMAZING!


 Log onto Seesaw, complete the CVC/Nonsense word lesson that is posted each for that day.  There will be a CVC/Nonsense word lesson posted for Wednesday and Friday.  Remember that “nonsense” words are silly words that are not real words.  Reading “nonsense” words really help us amp up our “Sound Power”. 

Snap Word Practice:

 Log onto Seesaw, complete the SNAP word activity that is posted each for day.  There will be a SNAP word lesson posted for Tuesday and Thursday.  On Tuesday, you will be unscrambling a sentence with some of our SNAP words.  On Thursday, you will be reading a story and circling our SNAP words.  I will also post a “Sight Word Choice Mat” if you would prefer to choose an activity on there instead of Seesaw. 


 Throughout this week, please complete lessons:


11-6  Count Using Patterns to 100


11-7  Math Practices & Problem Solving – Look for Use and Structure


Topic 11 Review

Additional Activities: happynumbers.com.  Please refer to the login information that was sent to you via dojo.

Science- To be completed this week

 Log into Seesaw.  Throughout this week, complete the “A Frog’s Lifecycle” and “All About Frogs Book- Make it Myself Book” Lessons.

Social Studies- To be completed this week

 Log into Seesaw.  Complete the “Memorial Day” activity.