Jamie Davison » Remote Learning May 4th-May 8th

Remote Learning May 4th-May 8th

Hello Everyone!

Remote Learning "Office Hours":

I will be available via email or Dojo daily from 10am-2pm if you have any questions or concerns. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.   Even though these are stressful times, please enjoy this extra time as a family.  Please keep sending photos and videos.  I LOVE seeing them!


Remote Learning Lesson Plans For May 4th – May 8th


Please try your best to complete the work with your child according to whatever schedule works best for your family!  


This week you will learn that you don’t need anyone’s help in figuring out how to spell words, even the hard ones, because you have sound power!


Please choose a piece of writing that you would like to do.  You can complete one or two pieces of writing this week. 


-true story

- how to book

-persuasive piece

-letter to someone

-an illustration with labels


Here are some spelling strategies to help you…


*Check the word wall. (At home, use your sight word list.)

*Stretch the word out and really listen for each sound

*Refer to the alphabet chart (I sent this in a message through seesaw)

*Listen for little words in a larger word (into = “in” and “to”).


Try sounding out the words.  See how many sounds you hear and write the letters for those sounds.  Remember… the words to NOT need to be spelled correctly, just phonetically correct so someone can figure out what you wrote. You can do it!  Take your time and use the strategies above to help you.  


When you have finished your writing piece, please send it to me via Dojo or post it on SeeSaw.


On Monday, Wednesday and Friday:

https://www.raz-kids.com   Continue to read books for 10-15 minutes each day

* Go to the "level up" section of this site.  Pick a story from the list. In order for the story to be marked complete, students need to listen to the book, read the book, and take the quiz (the ? mark will be lit IF the book has a quiz).  These steps must be done for all the books listed in order to move on to the next level of texts.  You can even click the microphone tool and record yourself reading to me!


On Tuesday and Thursday:

Log into seesaw and complete the comprehension activity posted for that day.  This week, we are working on identifying the problem and solution in a story.


Tuesday: Barnyard Fun

Thursday: Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet


Log onto Seesaw, complete the digraph lesson that is posted each for that day.  There will be a a digraph lesson posted for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


Snap Word Practice:

 Log onto Seesaw, complete the SNAP word activity that is posted each for day.  There will be a SNAP word lesson posted for Thursday and Friday.


I have moved the Math lessons to Seesaw.  I am hoping this will make it easier for all of us.  Everything will be located in one place for now.  Every day I will post a new lesson to Seesaw. 


* Additional Activities: happynumbers.com.  Please refer to the login information that was sent to you via dojo. 

Social Studies - To be completed this WEEK

 Log into Seesaw.  Complete Mystery Science Lesson # 5: Direction of Motion and Engineering


Science- To be completed this WEEK

 Log into Seesaw.  Complete recycling. 

If you are asked for a log-in to view the brainpop video it is "howell20" for both.  

Purposeful Play:  


  • Play a board game.
  • Create a structure with blocks.
  • Create a structure with legos.
  • Pretend you are at a grocery store…what would you buy?
  • Create puppets and put on a play.
  • Set the table for dinner.
  • Draw a map of your house.
  • Make a craft.
  • Paint a picture.
  • Get outside!