Jamie Davison » Remote Learning June 8th-June 12th

Remote Learning June 8th-June 12th

Remote Learning Lesson Plans For June 8th- June 12th


The plans below are for 6/8-6/12, please try your best to complete the work with your child according to whatever schedule works best for your family!  


 This week, we are going to be reading nonfiction books.  


-Please view the “Fiction vs Nonfiction” lesson on Seesaw.

-Then complete the “Fiction vs Nonfiction Sort” on Seesaw.

-On Thursday or Friday, complete the “Nonfiction Book Review” Activity on Seesaw.

-You can choose any nonfiction books to read on:


Reading A-Z:



Epic Books:



 This week, we are going to be writing a nonfiction piece.

-Choose a that you would like to learn more about.  Ex: bears, sharks, planets etc.

-Read at least 2 books on this topic (there are many nonfiction books available on Epic).

-After you have learned a few new facts about your topic, please choose ONE activity to complete:


1-Create a poster about your topic

2-Write 2-3 facts about your topic

3-Choose one of the nonfiction graphic organizers to complete. (These can be found on Seesaw)


Please send completed work via DoJo.


 Log onto Seesaw, complete the CVC word lesson that is posted for that day.  There will be a CVC word lesson posted for Monday and Wednesday.  We will be working on making a new word by only changing one letter!

Snap Word Practice:

Log onto Seesaw, complete the SNAP word activity that is posted each for day.  There will be a SNAP word lesson posted for Tuesday and Thursday. 

I will also post a “Sight Word Choice Mat” if you would prefer to choose an activity on there instead of Seesaw. 


 Throughout this week, please complete lessons:

 Topic 11 Test

 14-4  Describe Objects by Attributes

 14-5  Describe Objects by Measurable Attributes

 14-6  Math Practices & Problem Solving- Precision


Additional Activities: happynumbers.com.  This will help your child maintain “fact fluency”.  Please refer to the login information that was sent to you via dojo. 

 Social Studies- To be completed this week

 This week we will be learning about money!  There will be 2 lessons posted on Seesaw:

-Mystery Science: Money

-Design Your Own Dollar Bill