Remote Learning March 30th-April 4th

Remote Learning March 30th-April 3rd


* Complete the following writing prompt in your Fundations journal.  If you have run out of spots, please email me and I will send you a paper that you can print from home. Be sure to check my website each day for a new writing prompt!


* If you could be a dog or a cat which one would you pick, and why would you choose this animal?  Make sure you use the word “because” in your sentence.  Please have someone write this word down for you to use throughout this week.  We are going to practice giving an opinion.  Remember… an opinion is NOT a right answer, and everyone seems to have a different one sometimes.


*Would you rather go to the circus or to the zoo? Tell me which one would be your choice and why that is your answer.  Remember to use the word because in your sentence.  Also, remember to start with a capital, use spaces between your words, and use an end mark.  Some of you have been trying hard to also write in the lines.  Keep up the great work!


*If you were given an opportunity to pick between these two special powers, which would you choose and why? You can pick that you would like to fly, or you would rather have night vision.  Decisions, decisions… I know which one I would choose.  I can’t wait to read your opinion.  I will write you back and tell you if we have the same idea, or if we have a different point of view today.  If you are getting good at writing sentences, for a challenge, write two today that go with this topic. 


*When you think about books, do you like to have them read to you or do you like to read them by yourself? I know I like to read books because I really have fun changing my voice to sound like the characters.  Please keep working  on your sentence structure and sounding out words phonetically.  Remember… words do NOT need to be spelled correctly!  If I see they are always right then I know someone is helping you.  You need to be able to write a sentence all by yourself in September that your teacher can read without you telling them what you wrote.  Make this your goal over the next couple of weeks!  Do your sentence all by yourself today and ask someone at your house to try to read it.  If they can, then you know you did it PERFECTLY for kindergarten!!!

 OPTIONAL: Complete one activity from the Writing Choice Board


*Log onto RAZ Kids and choose one story. Try to read the book independently. Once you are done click on the question mark and take the quiz to see how well you understood the story.

* Independent Reading Practice

*Read for 15 uninterrupted minutes, remember to use your Reading Powers!

*Click on the link that correlates with the level book you are reading:

If you are reading a level E, F, or G book practice these powers:


Visit the website and pick one story to listen to.  Discuss the characters, setting, problem and solution of the story with a grown-up. 


Each day you will do these activities:

  1.      Review the drill sounds video just like we do in school:

  1.  Ask a grown-up to write down 5-10 CVC words (ex: hot, wig, cat, tub,) Try to switch up the vowels in the words that you choose.  REMEMBER that some vowels are tricky for students.  We were working on this before we left for “remote learning”. Practice blending and tapping sounds together.  You can also have someone read the words to you and try writing the words using the lines correctly.  
  2.  Click on the SNAP Work Practice Fun and pick one activity to do each day with five of your SNAP words.  



  •  Log onto the Pearson website
  •  Remember your username is htfirstnamelastname and your password htstudentidnumber
  • There will be four math assignments assigned each week. I will assign a new assignment every day and it will be due by the following Sunday.  Friday will be used as a “catch up day” or an opportunity to utilize extra activities for the day. 
  • Optional for this week:

    *Use the Additional Resources Math page to have some fun with shapes!  Click on the link below.  


The activities listed below are for the week.  Please try to complete by the end of the week! 


Click the link below to view a video about excavators and complete the activity.


*After you have viewed the video, please draw a picture of a machine doing work.  Then challenge yourself and write a sentence telling what it is doing. 


Click the link below to view the video:


*After you have viewed the video, make a list of as many machines as you can think of.  Talk to someone at home about what each machine does. 

Social Emotional:

* Choose 2 activities from Kindness Board to complete this week.  


Be sure to check out our special schedule so you can check out what should be completed for each day!