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Food/Celebration Procedures


Due to the many food allergies among our students, we must maintain the following rules for having food in school to ensure that all children enjoy in a safe environment:


  • Students may only bring their lunches on the bus, and must keep their food within their lunch boxes while on the bus, preferably kept in their backpacks. Food for parties, etc. are PROHIBITED from the bus.
  • Students must not share food with other students or trade food items. Please remind your child often.



  • It is recommended that parents of students with food allergies work with the classroom teacher and nurse to keep safe snacks provided by the parent, in the classroom for any student with severe allergies as a backup.



  • We encourage non-food celebrations that can be discussed with your child’s teacher. However, if food is being purchased for a birthday celebration, all purchases of food must be made through the cafeteria by contacting to make arrangements.  Food that is purchased will be distributed by the assistants while the students are eating lunch in the cafeteria.



  • Parties will be arranged by the class parent (coordinated by the PTO) in cooperation with the teacher. Any food items for class parties MUST be:
    • store bought and have a factory/store label attached for reference. Pre-packaged items only.
    • on the “Safe Snacks for Class Parties” list


**Any food not adhering to these protocols will not be distributed to the classroom.**


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation regarding this matter.  Without these rules in place, we would be unable to have food included in celebrations here at school.  Please be sure to adhere to these procedures. 

Have a great school year!