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The History of LOP


School Opened:
  • Housed students in grades 5, 6, 7, & 8
  • Was considered exclusively an upper-elementary grade school
  • Students attended from Land O'Pines, Aldrich, Southard, Newbury, and Ramtown sending districts
  • All administration offices were located at Land O'Pines: Superintendent of Schools, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Pupil Personnel Services, Principal, Vice Principal, Supervisors, Maintenance Department and Transportation Department.
First Major addition:
  • New Media Center, Cafeteria, and offices
  • Grade levels expanded to now include grades 1-8
Mothers' Day: Major Fire at School:
  • Fire was intentionally set, and one third of the building was destroyed: 10 classrooms, gymnasium/auditorium, faculty room, storage areas and mechanical drawing room.
  • School was closed for one day.
  • Students were relocated to Taunton School, and began split sessions for remainder of the year.
  • School reopened in September, while renovations were under construction.
  • Full building use was resumed in January, 1974.

New Administration Building opened.
  • Superintendent's office moved to the new location.
Land O'Pines celebrated its 25th birthday with a week of festive activities including:
  • opening and reviewing the contents of the original cornerstone canister
  • organizing a new safe-deposit box to be re-buried behind the original cornerstone - to be opened in 2011: 25 years later!
  • The Land O'Pines official logo and mascot changed from "Piners" to "Pirates," and a huge celebration was held to welcome all "Pirates" on board the great Pirate Ship!
Additional renovations made to 2 large classrooms

  • They were converted to kindergarten classrooms.
  • This was the first time Land O'Pines had Kindergarten through Grade 8.
  • New Howell Middle School opened taking grades 7 & 8.
  • Land O'Pines now a K-6 school.

2nd new addition opened at L.O.P.
  • 6 classrooms in all: 2 regular classrooms, 2 kindergarten classrooms, and 2 pre-school handicapped classrooms.
New Middle School Opened
  • 6th graders moved to existing and new Middle School.
  • Land O'Pines now a K-5 school.
  • This will remain well into the next century.
Land O'Pines celebrated its 50th Anniversary.