Jamie Davison » Remote Learning April 27th-May 1st

Remote Learning April 27th-May 1st

Remote Learning Lesson Plans For April 27th-May 1st


The plans below are for 4/27-5/1, please try your best to complete the work with your child according to whatever schedule works best for your family. 



* This week, you are going to work on two writing pieces of your choice.  If you only get one done, that is fine too.   You may want to brainstorm ideas one day, and then work on a writing piece over two to three days.  After you state your opinion, please try include at least two reasons why you feel the way you do.  There are many ways to write to persuade people to agree with our opinion.  Here are a few ideas:


1- Write sentences in your Fundations journal (like we have been doing)    

*Example: “You should brush your teeth every night before you go to bed.  When you brush your teeth, you keep them clean and healthy.  Brushing your teeth makes them nice and shiny!    


2-Write a letter to someone     

            * Example: “Dear Brother, 

Can you please help me build my Lego set?  I could use your help because you are so good at building Legos.  We would also get to spend time doing something fun together! 


                                                Your Name


3-Design a poster or a sign  

* Example: Make a sign with words and a picture to hang in your house reminding others to wash their hands.  “Remember to wash your hands!  Washing your hands keeps you  healthy.  Washing hands stops the spread of germs!”        


As always, make sure you are using proper sentence structure (start with a capital letter and use lowercase for the rest, put spaces between your words, and use and end mark)  Remember to sound out words phonetically, and write the sounds that you hear.  As always, I am not expecting correct spelling unless it is a SNAP word.  In this case, you can refer to the list of SNAP words that was sent home in the original packet. 


You may write to persuade about whatever you choose, but here are some ideas in case you get stuck:


-Taking good care of your pets

-Playing games fairly

-Sharing toys

-Not littering 

-Using kind words

Enter your text here...


https://www.raz-kids.com   Continue to read books for 10-15 minutes each day

* Go to the "level up" section of this site.  Pick a story from the list. In order for the story to be marked complete, students need to listen to the book, read the book, and take the quiz (the ? mark will be lit IF the book has a quiz).  These steps must be done for all the books listed in order to move on to the next level of texts.


 Log onto Seesaw, complete the digraph lesson that is posted each for that day.  There is a digraph lesson for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


* Log in to https://www.pearsonrealize.com/index.html#/ using the username and password I provided on DOJO

* Click “my work” and complete the assignments listed. 

Throughout this week, please complete lessons:

-13.1 Analyze and Compare 2-D Shapes

-13.2 Analyze and Compare 3-D Shapes

-13.3 Compare 2D & 3D shapes

-13.4 Math Practices and Problem Solving : Make sense and Persevere


You should complete the Visual Learning & Quick Check for each lesson.  Be sure to click the "submit" button when you finish.  


* Additional Activities: www.happynumbers.com.

 Please refer to the login information that was sent to you via DoJo

Science - To be completed this week

 Log into Seesaw.  Complete Mystery Science Lesson: Force Olympics Lesson #4


Social Studies- To be completed this week

 Log into Seesaw.  Complete "Needs and Wants" lesson. 

If you are asked for a log-in to view the Brainpop video it is "howell20" for both.  

Social Emotional:

* Choose 1 activity from Kindness Board to complete this week