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Remote Learning April 20th-April 25th


* We have been focusing on giving our opinion and using the word “because” to share why we might choose one thing over another. We are now starting our persuasive writing unit. Our goal is to realize that our "words are like magic wands" and we can use them to try and persuade someone to agree with our opinion.

* This week, you are going to work on TWO writing pieces of your choice.  Each one should show that you put time and effort into your work.  Please do not rush!  In school, we usually work on brainstorming ideas one day, and then we work on a writing piece over two to three days.  Remember our saying "when you are done you have just begun!"  You can always add more to your piece to make it better!  Each of your writings should have a few sentences, and you need to include at least two reasons why you feel the way you do.  There are many ways we discuss trying to persuade people to agree with our opinion.  Here are a few for this week, but you can come up with your own as well...

- write sentences in your Foundation journal (like we have been doing)  

Example: You should brush your teeth every morning and before you go to bed at night.  When you brush your teeth it keeps them clean and healthy. Brushing your teeth keeps them nice and shiny.      

- write a letter  


Dear Brother,

Can you help me build my new Lego set?  I could use your help because you are so good at building Legos.  We can also spend lots of time together doing something fun! 

Love, Your name

-Make a sign

Example: Make a sign with words and pictures to hang around your neighborhood reminding kids to wear a helmet when they ride a bike or scooter.  You can say things like "Remember your helmet, it protects your head-It's the law-Set a good example for others"      

*Make sure you are using proper sentence structure (start with a capital letter and use lowercase for the rest, put spaces between your words, and use and end mark).  Remember, there should be a few sentences in each writing piece this week.  (Parents... this might be tricky!  Please remind your child when they finish one sentence they need to start a new one with a capital.) Include pictures with your work!  Remember to sound out words phonetically.  If I can read what you wrote, then you did it PERFECTLY for kindergarten!  Since there are only two writing pieces this week, I expect it to look like you tried your hardest!  Please send me a photo of each writing piece when you are finished.  


Here are some ideas for opinion writing:

-Picking up toys

-Brushing your teeth

-Eating healthy foods

-Being kind

-Helping around the house

Reading - 

https://www.raz-kids.com   Continue to read books for 15-30 minutes each day!

* Go to the "level up" section of this site.  Pick a story from the list. In order for the story to be marked complete, students need to listen to the book, read the book, and take the quiz (if the book has a quiz, which not all do, the ? mark will be lit).  These steps must be done for all the books listed in order to move on to the next level of texts.

* Choose 1 book each day and record yourself reading. (Click the book icon under the book you’re choosing. Click the red microphone at the top to record.)  I absolutely love listening to you read!  I will comment to you about your reading on Raz-Kids and add more stars if I can tell you used your "super reading powers".  



* Practice the drill sounds like we do in class each day.  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cQWRpPopl6Dhr5dylK6ul3WfS7Z5neMt/view


 Review the newly introduced digraphs.



*Ask someone to tell you the following 5 digraph words for each day.  Practice breaking the sounds apart to write the word.  Remember... the digraphs make ONE sound!  So, for the word "mash", you should be tapping and saying "m"  "a"  "sh" ... it is still just three sounds but you will now be writing four letters!  Take your time... this is new!


4/20/20- dish   chip   then   math   inch

4/21/20 – fish   both   chin   shut   thud

4/22/20 - ship   rich   path   whip   chew

4/23/20 - thin   wish   moth   shop   when

4/24/20 - shot   bath   whiz   dash   both


* Complete the math lesson that is assigned on https://www.pearsonrealize.com  You will watch the video for each lesson and then do the online "quick check".  This week, we will be finishing this Topic and are scheduled to do the review and test through the website.  (If your child is working on an iPad, some people have been taking a screen shot of the workbook pages and are able to do the work this way and submit it to me through my email... very clever!  Maybe give it a try this week if you are using an iPad.) If this is not an option for you, and you are unable to print, please just discuss the problems aloud.  Enrichment is given as an optional activity.

 There will be FOUR math lessons or activities this week.


Optional Activity: Happy Numbers www.happynumbers.com (Plase use the class access code and password I provided for you through Class DoJo.  If you need it again, please do not hesitate to let me know.)

Social Studies

To continue learning about maps, please watch the Brainpop video below


Our goal today is to be able to read some parts of a map and possibly learn some new vocabulary words.  (If it site asks you for a username and password it is "howell20" for both.)

* After watching the video, choose an activity from the website to complete.  You can take an easy quiz, a hard quiz, make a map, draw about maps, write about maps, etc...  

* If the weather is nice one day this week, take a bike ride around your neighborhood and pay attention to what is around you.  When you get back home, draw a map showing me where you live.  Label the streets, your house, and anyone else who lives on your block that you know.  Make this fun while you get some exercise!



Mystery Science - Force Olympics Unit - Mystery #3:  Motion, Speed, and Strength


In this week's mystery... you will change the strength and direction of a wrecking ball's push in order to solve a tricky problem. * https://mysteryscience.com/pushes/mystery-3/motion-speed-strength/104?code=ODA4MDMzNQ&t=student 


* After watching this mystery, please complete the writing prompt.  You can do this on a plain piece of paper or in your Fundations journal.  (A picture of the prompt is below.  If you cannot print it, just have your child draw their own pictures and write a response.)  


* If you have time this week, and are looking for more to do, you can also attempt the hands on activity at the end of this video.  (It might be hard to find all of what you need at your house, but you can always improvise.)  Maybe you can come up with your own "wrecking ball" experiment or do another that you have wanted to try?  I have seen a few experiments online that look like fun.  If you do one, please make sure you share it with me!