Jamie Davison » Remote Learning May 11th-May 15th

Remote Learning May 11th-May 15th

Hello Everyone!

Remote Learning "Office Hours":

I will be available via email or Dojo daily from 10-2 if you have any questions or concerns. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.   Even though these are stressful times, please enjoy this extra time as a family.  Please keep sending photos and videos.  I LOVE seeing them!


Remote Learning Lesson Plans For May 11th – May 15th

 The plans below are for 5/11-5/15, please try your best to complete the work with your child according to whatever schedule works best for your family!  



This week we are going to work on writing "5 STAR Sentences"!  (Please see the chart sent in the messages section of Seesaw to review and refer to while you are writing.  We have discussed how to write a proper sentence throughout the year – I know you can do it!  Use a blank page in your Fundations journal with no box on top. 


*Parents… please dictate the sentences below to your child this week.  Please choose at least 3 sentences to complete this week.  If you would like to do more than that, go for it!  These are not intended to be done in one sitting, as your little learner might need a break.  The goal is for your child to remember all of the parts of writing a sentence ON THEIR OWN, and to try to stay in the lines when they are writing.  Some words can be phonetically correct, but sight words should be spelled correctly.  Placing out the sight word list might help as the children are used to using the word wall in our classroom. 



1-The dog is happy with his bone.

2-Mom likes to bake cookies on the weekend.

3-Do you have a pet?

4-My favorite thing to eat is ________. (they can fill in blank )

5-Can you ride a bike on the street?


When you have finished your writing piece, please send it to me via Dojo or  post it on SeeSaw.


This week, we are going to begin our unit called “Avid Readers”


Avid Readers are people who LOVE reading so much they can hardly stop!   I want you to LOVE reading books!  This week, try to figure out if there is a certain kind of book you enjoy reading the most.  Do you like fiction?  Sometimes these books make me have many different kinds of reactions and feelings, almost like when I watch a movie.  Non-fiction are fun to read too!  They teach us real facts and usually have very interesting information in them.  I like all types of books!  


This week, I want you to explore different types of books on Raz-Kids, Epic (information needed for log-in information is in the “Remote Learning Links” section of my website).  You can also use books/magazines you have in your house or use any other source you have to read.


On Thursday or Friday, record yourself on Seesaw telling me what book you read this week was your favorite and why.  Also, try to complete the “Avid Reader Picture Sort” on Seesaw.


*Please continue to read on Raz-Kids and try to record at least one story for me to listen to you read this week!  You are doing AMAZING!


Additional/Optional Activities:

  If you would like to, log into Seesaw and complete the comprehension activities posted for this week : 


Tuesday: Clark the Shark

Thursday: Click Clack Moo, Cows That Type


Log onto Seesaw, complete the CVC word lesson that is posted each for that day.  There will be a CVC word lesson posted for Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


 Snap Word Practice:

Log onto Seesaw, complete the SNAP word activity that is posted each for day.  There will be a SNAP word lesson posted for Tuesday and Thursday.  I will also post a “Sight Word Choice Mat” if you would prefer to choose an activity on there instead of Seesaw. 


The only lesson that MUST be completed on the Pearson website this week is the Topic 13 assessment. 


For Pearson:

* Log in to https://www.pearsonrealize.com/index.html#/ using the username and password I provided on DOJO

* Click “my work” and complete the assignments listed. 


Throughout this week, please complete lessons:

Topic 13 Test on the Pearson website

           11-1 on Seesaw
           11-2 on Seesaw
           Addition and Subtraction lesson on Seesaw
* Additional Activities: happynumbers.com.  Please refer to the login information that was sent to you via dojo. 

Science- To be completed this WEEK

 Log into Seesaw.  Complete Mystery Science Lesson # 6:


Social Studies- To be completed this WEEK

 Log into Seesaw.  Complete “Community Helpers” lesson.   

If you are asked for a log-in to view the brainpop video it is "howell20" for both.  

Social Emotional Learning:

Please choose an activity from the “Mindfulness Bingo” to complete.  This was sent via a message on Seesaw.