Jamie Davison » Remote Learning April 6th-April 8th

Remote Learning April 6th-April 8th

The plans below are for 4/6-4/8, please try your best to complete the work with your child according to whatever schedule works best for your family. 


Writing Prompts:

Please choose any 2 prompts to complete over the next 3 days

Complete the following writing prompt in your Fundations journal.  If you have run out of pages, please message me and I will send you a paper that you can print from home.


1-Have you ever tried a marshmallow Peep?  Did you like it?  Write a sentence about why you did or did not like Peep candy.  Make sure to use the word “because”.  If you have never tried a Peep candy, please write about any new food that you have tried and write to tell why you did or did not like it. 

After I read all your writing, I will tell you whether or not I like Peeps!


2-Imagine you looked out your window this morning and you saw a GIANT egg.  Would you rather it be filled with candy or money?  Please write what you would prefer to find.  Make sure to use the word “because”.  I can’t wait to see your answers!


3-Draw and decorate an egg for me.  Get as creative as you want!  You might want to color it in a pattern, draw your favorite character on it, or draw a Spring scene on it.  Write to tell me why your egg design is awesome. Make sure to use the word “because”.  Ex: “My egg looks pretty because it has a pink flower on it.”  If you do not want to decorate an egg, you can draw and write a “Spring Scene” for me.”


Each day you will do these activities:

  • Log onto RAZ Kids https://www.raz-kids.com and choose one story. Try to read the book independently. Once you are done click on the question mark and take the quiz to see how well you understood the story.

* Independent Reading Practice

*Read for 10 minutes, remember to use your Reading Powers!

*Click on the link that correlates with the level book you are reading:

*If you are reading a level A or B book practice these powers: https://tinyurl.com/tnjp63l 

*If you are reading a level C or D book practice these powers:

*If you are reading a level E, F, or G book practice these powers: https://tinyurl.com/wcef5sk


Each day you will do these activities:

  1.      Review the drill sounds video just like we do in school:


  1.      Ask a grown-up to write down 5 CVC ( consonant-vowel-consonant) words.  Tap out the sounds, then blend the sounds to read the words.

4/6/20- cup, fin, dot, pan, set

4/7/20 – mug, fit, ran, get, mat

4/8/20- big, man, pet, bug, tan


  1.    Choose a “SNAP Word Practice Fun Activity” and do one each day:

1-Have a grown up write 5 of your SNAP words on flashcards.  Turn the lights   off, and read them with a flashlight.

2-If it is nice out, go outside and write your SNAP words with sidewalk chalk.  Then jump on each word, spell it and read it.

3-Have a grown up write 5 SNAP words on post-its or flash cards and “hide” them around the house.   Put your “detective glasses” on and hunt for the words.  Read each word as you find it. 


  •  Log onto the Pearson website https://www.pearsonrealize.com
  •  Remember your username is htfirstnamelastname and your password htstudentidnumber
  • There will be 2 math assignments assigned this week. I will assign a new assignment every day and it will be due by the following Sunday

Optional for this week:

*Happy Numbers- https://happynumbers.com/ 

Please use the class code, user name, and password that I sent you!

 Social Studies (to be completed over the 3 days)

* Listen to the book Me on the Map on youtube

* Have your child will draw a map of a room in their house and label items

* Students will share their map with someone in the house and verbally describe where things are in relation to each other using spatial words (i.e the desk is next to the bed; the fan is above the bed)

* Take a picture of the completed bedroom map and send via DOJO

* Additional: you can record yourself talking about where things are in your bedroom and share in a DOJO video on the student portfolio page


*Log onto Flip Grid to complete your video message for your friends! 

         https://www.flipgrid.com- Don’t forget to use the access code I sent you!

 Social Emotional:

* Choose 1 activity from Kindness Board to complete this week