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  • Medication can only be administered by the nurse upon receipt of written permission from both the child's medical provider and the parent/guardian.  This applies even if your child will be receiving a medication temporarily (i.e. an antibiotic.)  Forms expire at the end of the school year and must be resubmitted at the start of the next school year.  Forms must be dated July 1 or later. See the links below for the appropriate paperwork.
  • All medications must be in the original bottle or package with the pharmacy label attached.  If there are multiple medications or pieces of equipment, please place them in a Ziploc bag with your child's name clearly written on the outside.  If your child requires nebulizer treatments you must supply tubing/mask or pipe/medicine cup.
  • Children are not allowed to transport medications to school.  All medications should be brought to the health office by an adult.  Medications must be picked up by an adult at the end of the school year.  All medications not picked up will be discarded.
  • COUGH DROPS ARE A MEDICATION AND REQUIRE WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM BOTH THE CHILD'S MEDICAL PROVIDER AND THE PARENT/GUARDIAN.  Cough drops must remain in the health office. Due to the hazard of choking we strongly discourage the use of cough drops during the school day.