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Remote Learning - Kindergarten

Note to Parents: All computer assignments will be available in Seesaw. Once you learn how to access Seesaw from your classroom teacher, please feel free to complete the computer assignments. For this week, the computer assignment is listed below. Your child can watch the video today. They can respond in Seesaw once you are able to access it.

Welcome to Land O'Pines School!


Welcome to computer class at Land O'Pines School! My name is Miss Antal. This is your first assignment. You are going to watch a video and meet several computer teachers that teach kindergarten students like yourself. See if you can find me in the video. Tap the arrow to play the video. Check back every Friday during Phase 1 for your computer assignment. 

*Parents: If your child would like to take a selfie and send it to me that would be fine, or if they want to send a short comment that is also acceptable. The selfie and commenting are optional. Today's assignment is to watch and enjoy the video. Have a nice weekend!