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Remote Learning - Grade 1

Note to Parents: All computer assignments will be available in Seesaw. Once you learn how to access Seesaw from your classroom teacher, please feel free to complete the computer assignments. For this week, the computer assignments are listed below. Your child can watch the 2 videos today. They can respond in Seesaw once you are able to access it.

Welcome to Land O'Pines School, First Graders!

Hello, First Graders! I am glad that we are back together. I hope you had a fun summer! I can't believe how you grew over the summer!


If you are a new student, my name is Miss Antal and I am your computer teacher at Land O'Pines School. You are going to like it here!! Welcome aboard the Land O'Pines pirate ship!


Here is your first assignment. You are going to watch video #1 and meet several computer teachers that teach other first grade students in Howell. See if you can find me in the video. Tap the arrow to play video #1.


When you have finished watching the "Welcome Back" video, be sure to view video #2.

Video #1:
Video #2 - I want to share my summer adventure with you. I visit New Hampshire in the summer and for the past 4 years I have encountered different animals. In 2017, it was the ENORMOUS moose that ran in front of my truck, next was the fox in 2018, and then in 2019 there was the BIG bear that was dumpster diving for his meal.
I want you to guess what animal I saw in the summer of 2020. Write down your guess before you watch my "summer adventure" video!
Be sure to check Seesaw every Monday during Phase 1 for your computer assignment.
*Parents: If your child would like to take a selfie and send it to me that would be fine, or if they want to send a short comment that is also acceptable. They can even share the animal they guessed. If you are a new student, you might want to tell me where you lived before you came to Howell. The selfie and commenting are optional. Today's assignment is to watch and enjoy the two videos. Have a wonderful week!