March 19, 2020

Good Morning,

Welcome to Day 3 of "Remote Learning."  Yesterday, I was so delighted to see the work that you have been sending to me.  Keep up the super work effort, and please know that I am very PROUD of each and everyone one of YOU!  Please remember to meditate and do your dots and squeezes to relieve stress and help your focus as needed.  Do those fabulous and fun exercises:  Squats, superman jacks, shoulder rolls, stretches, and planks to spell your Fundations trick words.  I miss seeing this and our daily, "Hallway Manners in Effect."

Start your day on a positive and consistent note by reciting our "Bucket Filler Pledge" too!


Begin your day, as we always do, with our Daily Dose of Positive Quote: 

"I'm Not Here To Be AVERAGE, I'm Here To Be AWESOME"


Today's Assignments:

1. Math:   14.3 Independent Practice and Homework pages.

2.  Handwriting:   Do the next page in your book.

3.  Fundations:  Do one page of the Unit 11 packet and also do one page from the second packet.

4.  Reading:  Read for 20 minutes and complete a box from your "Choice Board."  Also, use the Think Track Page to answer and record your answers in a notebook.

5.  Social and Emotional Learning (S.E.L.):  Complete an activity today from the Mindful Choice Board.

6.  Science:  Plants - Complete one page per day.


Parents, I truly appreciate all of your efforts and the children's as well.  I am also grateful for your patience as we navigate through the Remote Learning process.  I can also be reached at my school email at


Peaceful and Calm Wishes--Mrs. Russo