COVID-19 Remote Home Learning!

1st Grade Remote Learning Activities!


Ahoy from afar mateys! Below are a list of all of the activities we have done so far in remote learning for Weeks 1-6. As of 3/30/20, all activities should be completed through SeeSaw. If you would like extra work, please complete any of the work in the choice boards below! :)  


 This is in compliance with our regular school day schedule. According to the state of NJ, your child should be spending NO MORE THAN 10 HOURS A WEEK (2 HOURS A DAY!) to complete the tasks on SeeSaw. When your child completes the following assignments on SeeSaw each day, this serves as a daily attendance. 


IF you are unable to complete any of the work on the calendar on a particular day, the assignments will always stay in your child's inbox for activities. They can work on them anytime they'd like! J Can’t wait to see your brain getting to work in your PJ’s!


As always, during this remote learning period, I will be available each day Monday- Friday from 10 AM- 2 PM with any questions, comments, or air hugs from home. I already can’t wait to see your smiling face!


Also, please click on the link on the top right for First Grade Links! There you will be able to access many of the apps we use within the classroom like Epic!, SeeSaw, Reflex, and Freckle! Enjoy!


Thank you for all of your hard work as we navigate home learning! Be well and wash your hands! I will miss you all so much!



* Mrs. Hirzel *


Shared Reading: Please pick one shared reading passage to read each week.  You can follow the Shared Reading Weekly Guide for day by day activities.  If you are looking for extra work, please complete the extra activities included with each reading.

Fundations: Pick one activity from the Fundations Trick Word Practice Choice Board each day.  You can complete these activities in the Fundations Journal provided. The trick word lists are on the back of the choice board.

Reading: Students should read daily for 15 minutes. Students can read any book of their choosing. There are books in their book baggie, or they can go on Epic! to choose a book for an activity. Then, use the Reading and Writing Choice Boards to complete one activity each day. 

  • Week 1: Fiction Board 1
  • Week 2: Fiction Board 2
  • Week 3: Non-Fiction Board 1
  • Week 4: Non-Fiction Board 2


  • Day 1 & 2: I Prefer Opinion Worksheet
  • Day 3 & 4: Fill in The Blank Opinion Worksheet
Days 5-10: Each day, students can pick one opinion topic to write about using the In My Opinion Choice.
  • Please use the In My Opinion writing paper to complete this activity.
  • Should there be additional days, we’ve included a personal narrative writing prompt board. Students can choose one prompt per day. Students can write and draw their responses in their Fundations Journal.


  • Use the Math Choice Boards to complete one activity per day. The resources for each activity are included in that week’s packet
    • Week 1: Addition Choice Board
    • Week 2: Subtraction Choice Board
    • Week 3: Place Value Choice Board

Science/Social Studies:

  • Please complete one activity from the Mindful Choice Board each day. You can use the attached resources to complete these activities.


  • Here are some additional fun Mystery Science Videos that you can check out at home: