Welcome to Occupational Therapy!

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a health care profession that enables individuals to engage in activities that make up everyday life. Occupational Therapists utilize purposeful, goal-directed activities in the treatment of individuals. The goal is to help the individual achieve his/her maximum potential by teaching skills and/or modifying tasks or environments to promote success and independence.


What is an Occupation?

"Occupation" refers to the many activities that are done on a daily basis that have meaning to an individual. A child's main occupation is play, so many of the treatment strategies and techniques that are used incorporate fun-filled, play experiences to enrich, promote, and develop each child's functional skills.



What is School-Based Occupational Therapy?

  • Helps a student to fulfill his/her role as a student by supporting his/her academic achievement and promoting positive behaviors necessary for learning
  • Addresses a student's functional limitations that are impacting his/her ability to effectively participate in academic-related activities
  • Focuses on improving skills in order for a student to access the curriculum and school environment
  • Supports a student in reaching his/her curriculum-based goals
  • Supports academic, behavioral, and functional performance