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Welcome To Mrs. Kelleher's Class


Welcome to Mrs. Kelleher's Class

It’s going to BEE an awesome year!


Teacher:  Mrs. Kelleher

Assistants:  Ms Conroy

Room Number: 42

Phone Number: 732-751-2489 ext. 4042



Hello Families,

Welcome to Mrs. Kelleher’s Preschool Class!  I am so excited for this school year. Your children are my number one priority.  I understand that we all have many feelings heading in to this school year. I will be here for you and your children to make this transition as fun, positive and safe as I can.  There will be some protocols we all need to follow.  Please see below for plans and procedures as we move forward.



Items your child will need for preschool


Backpack - Please try to choose a backpack that is large enough to fit all your child will need to carry back and forth

Snacks - Each day we will be having snack. Please send in 2 drinks and 2 small snacks.  We will be having two brief snack times each day at this initial stage of opening. 

 Extra set of clothes Please label the clothing and place them in a zip-lock bag.  These bags will be kept in our bathroom, which is located in our classroom.  

If your child is not yet toilet trained- we will need diapers or pull-ups and wipes, labeled please.

Masks-please send in two extra masks to be kept in your child’s backpack in a ziplock bag, labeled with your child’s name.  Please check this bag daily to make sure there are always two extra masks available in case they are needed during the school day.


School Day

The children will be with me from 8:35-12:50.  Cohort A will come to school Monday and Tuesday Cohort B will come to school Thursday and Friday.

On Wednesday Cohorts A and B will be Remote form home. Schedule to follow.


Your child will have a basket in class with their name on it.  This basket will hold curriculum materials, books, crayons, scissors, dry erase boards, etc.  The children will not be sharing materials or toys with each other.  Everything the children play with will be cleaned before another child will be allowed to play with it. 







I am available to speak with you in the morning before the children arrive and in the afternoon when the children leave.  Communication is key at this time.  Please, if at any time you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.


During this unusual time, our communication will consist of a phone call, email, or messages through the Tools of the Mind account. (This is currently being set up)



If you are picking your child up earlier than regular dismissal time, please send a digital note to the office and then email, message me or call me.  The following is a link to the digital note that needs to be sent to the office: