John Foley » March 24,2020

March 24,2020

Quote of the Day:
Our Greatest 
Glory Is Not In
Never Falling, But
In Rising, Every
Time We Fall

Good morning,
Welcome to day 6 (Tuesday) of remote learning.  Keep doing all the amazing work you have been doing and sending me notes on how you're doing. I'm so proud of all you and know that I am always proud of each and everyone of you.
Todays Assignments are as follows:
1. Math- 14.6 do all of Independent Practice and all of the Homework. Don't forget to go on Xtra Math, Reflex, or Freckle to practice fluency and other math skills. I will be checking in daily to see how they are doing. 
2. Handwriting- do the next page in your book.
3. Fundations- do one page of the Unit 11 packet and also do a page from the second packet
4. Reading- read for 20 minutes and complete a box from your "Choice Board." Also use the Think Track Page to answer and record answers in your Reading Notebook.
5. Social and Emotional Learning- complete an activity today from the packet that was sent home. 
6. Science-  Plants- complete one worksheet page today.
Continue to be awesome!
Let me know if you have any questions. Please be patient while we navigate through these uncharted waters together. 
Wishing you all the best.
***Please take pictures of the completed work and send it to me on a daily basis so we can continue to monitor their daily progress. 
Mr. Foley