John Foley » Monday March 16,2020

Monday March 16,2020

Work to be Completed
Hello Families, 
I hope everyone is doing and feeling well during this difficult time. 
Please check Bloomz each day for any updates on assignments and any other news regarding our class/school. Please know that you reach me everyday between 10am-2pm on Bloomz or on my school email at
You may also see the work posted on my school web page. You can access that by going to the Howell web page:
click on schools
click on LOP
click on staff
click on my name 
The assignment there will be the same as what is on my Bloomz page.
Work to be completed:
Math-complete a lesson each day. Also please have your child go on one of the websites to practice their math fluency. I will be checking in daily to see how they are doing.
Fundations-please complete the Fundations packet. Review the directions on what is to be done each day. Also complete a page a day from the second packet.
Reading-please continue to read daily with your child. Color a box on the choice board daily after completing the reading for the day. Use the "THINK TRACK PAGE" and record your answers in your Reading Notebook. 
Also, complete the book report page weekly from one of the books you're reading.
Social and Emotional Learning- please complete one of the activities each day.
Handwriting- please complete 5 pages per week.
Science-Plants- one worksheet per day
***Please take pictures of the completed work and email it on a daily basis so we can continue to monitor their daily progress.***
I look forward to seeing your work.
Thank you very much for all of your help and support. Please be safe and stay well. 
Mr. Foley