Copy of Ms. Williams EDPS

Hello Parents! This is my Personal Webpage. Here I will upload various content for you to utilize. Feel free to reach out to me during my office 10:00 to 2:00 daily. You can contact me through remind or my school email
In your Learning Packets you'll see information based on our Tools of the Mind curriculum. Here is the website to learn more.
If individual work needs to be distributed please use the following link. 

Here is a great resource for learning at home through Scholastics. It's Free!

Here are some great learning videos that you can play for your children at home. It is a great way to learn through music.


Here are some great videos that we do in class. 








I also recommend this movie for preschoolers! Leap Frog- Letter Factory. It is amazing for letter and sound recognition! I swear by this :)




Here are some Links to some great Gross Motor videos for you to use at home. 


Gross Motor: 


Freeze Dance:

Listen and Move:

Bouncing Up and Down:

Shake and Move Body Part:

The Goldfish Song:

We're Going on a Bear Hunt:

Animal Action Verb Song:

If You're Happy:

One Little Finger: