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Ms. Flitton’s Daily’s Schedule

Student Daily Learning Activities for July 9, 2020



Table Top


A familiar game or open-ended activity. It’s a time to practice or review skills.


Example: puzzles, legos, building with blocks, lacing beads, potato head, bristle blocks, etc…



Print this page and highlight your meeting times OR get a blank sheet of paper and write down your meeting times so you never miss a meeting!











Morning Meeting


Click here at 8:45am to join our Morning Meeting




Pretend Play

Let’s create a sense of belonging as learners at home. Designate an area for home learning. Find a quiet, comfortable place to work and store your materials nearby. Create a cozy nook for reading. Make the home a place of belonging and safety for the learning experience.


Pretend Play Scenario: We are going fishing on a boat.

Where is the boat going? Do you want to be the driver? Do you want to be the fisherman? What do we need to pack? What do we need to go fishing? Should we pack food? Drinks? We need to stay safe, let’s get our life jackets too! What kind of fish are we catching?

Play Plan: Encourage your child to start with a picture of themselves and support them as needed to add details.

Create a sentence using the stem, “I am going to…”

Refer back to your child’s picture for prompting.






Story:  Baby Shark

You will be staying in the zoom to listen to today’s story.

(I will be reading this story after opening group)



Character Empathy: Story Lab activity that teaches children to think about feelings and learn about emotions by imagining what characters are feeling as children are listening to the story.


You will need: Crayons, Pencils, and a plain piece of paper.





Independent Work, Small Groups, and Conferences



9:45-10am     Small Literacy Group: 

10-10:15am     Small Literacy Group:

10:15-10:30am Small Literacy Group:


MAY DO: No choice boards today.



Brain Break

Take a walk, have a snack, listen to some music, dance a little…




MATH Lesson



Identifying and Recognizing Shapes


You will need:

Tape (or just a designated area for specific shapes)

Random toys/objects from around the house

Make a circle, square, and triangle on the carpet.

Identify each shape and trace the outline of each shape


Begin sorting your toys and objects from around the house.




Higher Thinkers:

Maybe ask questions, (outside the yes and no answers)

“How did you know that toy was a circle?” 

“Why didn’t you put that book in the triangle?”
























Independent Work, Small Groups, and Conferences











Fine Motor Activity







11:00-11:15am Math Small Group:

11:20-11:35am Small Group:

11:40-11:55am Small Group:


Choice Board:


-        MAY DO:  Because they are no small groups there will be no choice board activity.  





We are going to make ICE CREAM CONES!


Graphics Practice with Ms. Flitton!




You will need: plain piece of paper, and writing implement


Closing Circle

Join Zoom Meeting

Click here at 12:00pm to join our Closing Group


Reflections and Reminders:

-        You are an important part of our class - you belong!

-        Charge your device tonight!

-        List materials needed for tomorrow...

-        Go outside, move, and have fun!

Extension Activities (Optional)


Science: PBS Kids Design Squad Engingeering At Home

Movement: Go Noodle!

 Art: Learn How to Doodle with Author and Illustrator Mo Willems!

Learning Games: ABCYa- Fun online games for math, literacy and much more!