Ahoy LOP Pirates! - A Message from the Principal

May 3, 2021
Hello Pirate Families!
I hope you are all well and we are excited that the entire state of NJ is back in "yellow"! As such, as a district, we have been able to relax some of our guidelines.  Please know, however, that we are still operating with everyone's safety in mind as we enjoy each day.  
Spring is here, along with allergies, so continue to adhere to the Student Daily Health Checklist just to be sure that we are all in accordance with our rules!
Thank you for all of your support this year, thus far!


Take Care and Be well.

Hello Pirate Families!

As Mr. Isola noted in his community video this morning, Howell Township School District is going to launch the RED Schedule beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, December 16, 2020 through Friday, January 8, 2021.  What this means for LOP is that:

  • LOP will run a “typical” shortened day schedule from 8:45 am – 1:30 pm 
    • Each day will have the same format, including Wednesdays. *This includes tomorrow.
    • This will be a 9-period day for K-2.
    • Extended Day Preschool schedule will run from 8:45 am  – 12:10 pm.
    • Half Day Preschool will go back to Monday – Friday.
      • AM Preschool is 8:45 am – 10:50 am
      • PM Preschool is 11:25 am – 1:30 pm
  • Each homeroom teacher will communicate the full-day shortened schedule via the current Daily Learning Plan (DLP) format.
  • The periods will include a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning.
  • There will be lunch and recess breaks for Grades K-2 and EDPSD.
  • From the end of your child’s day until 3:15 pm, teachers may conduct intervention, enrichment, small groups, WIN (What I Need), etc.
  • Specials (Art, Music, Computers, Media, PE) will now be synchronous/live lessons.
  • Tech Support for district issued devices and resources can be found here: Technology Support Page 

Winter Break will be Thursday, December 24, 2020 through Friday, January 1, 2021.  This means that there will be NO classes conducted during these days. 

Staff and Students will resume attending in-person school on Monday, January 11, 2021.

This communication is to help you with implementing any changes you need to assist your child, at home, in preparing for the day. While we are working together as a district, please note that other schools may follow different timelines or specific procedures for this schedule.  Also, note that your child should have everything they need to succeed in their remote location.

We are ready to support your child in any way possible.  Know that you can always contact your child’s teachers, however, please wait until classes are on a break to address any concerns. It is distracting to the class for adults to ask questions during the actual lesson, as this time is dedicated to the children.  Therefore, it is important to communicate primarily via email or Seesaw.  Phone calls will be returned during office hours.

We are excited with nervous anticipation for this phase as students will now be able to access all of their teachers, and we are confident that by having an open dialogue with you, we will continue to help your child grow and succeed. 

Please stay safe and healthy this holiday season. Wishing you all the best for the new year.  

Take care. Be well. And continue to wake up and be awesome. 



Hello Pirates!


It’s been a great opening and I am so proud of your little ones.  As we close up the first week, I’d like to share some helpful tips.


At parent drop-off, please have your child exit toward the sidewalk as a staff member will help them get out of the car, while you can stay in it!  We appreciate your patience as you wait for the little pirates ahead of you and ask that you refrain from passing other cars. 


Parent Pickup will now begin at 12:30 for 2nd graders, 12:35 for first graders, 12:40 for kindergarten and preschool remains the same. 


Next week, we will begin our drills for each cohort and we have asked our teachers to turn off audio and sound if they are on live zooms.  Please don’t be alarmed as these are necessary drills that we conduct monthly so everyone is aware of our procedures. 


As for our students - I am so proud of how they have handled mask wearing!  Remember that gaiters, respirators and face shields are not considered appropriate safety masks. 


It is IMPERATIVE that you conduct our Student Daily Health screening each morning that your child attends school in-person.  The screening can be found by clicking HERE.


All notes for the main office, MUST be submitted online.  Please click HERE for the form.  


Parents, thank you for your unconditional support and patience as our teachers navigate this challenging time in education.  I am so proud of our staff.  They are motivated by your little ones and appreciative of all of your kind words.  I realize that at times, it may seem as though our communication is delayed.  However, please know that we are working feverishly behind the scenes and we ALWAYS release information as soon as we are able. 


Thank you for your support in this and for supporting your children during virtual learning.  While it is definitely a unique way to learn, please allow your child to learn with his or her teacher.  Allow your child the opportunity to make mistakes because that is how to best learn. 


And lastly, as a staff, we are all grateful to be back in session.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us with your child.


Take care. Be well. And continue to wake up and be awesome. 

September 2020


Hello Pirate Families!

While everything keeps changing in our world, one aspect will always remain the same - our Pirates are mARRRvelous and we are so excited to welcome your children next week!  While our favorite phrase at LOP is “Wake up and be awesome!”, our new silent catch phrase is “For now”, and you should mentally place that phrase in front of anything we state because everything has been changing so quickly! 




***There are NEW procedures this year! School hours in Phase 1 are 8:35 am - 12:50 pm. Please click HERE for a brief informational video.  Click HERE for the accompanying slides. 



We have made many changes to our typical day for the health and safety of our students and staff.  First, our hallways are now one directional to limit the crossing of paths. We will also utilize hygiene breaks to allow students to wash their hands.  Snack time will be scheduled and when one row of students is eating, the next row will be sitting with masks on their faces.  Snacks should be easy for your child to open by themselves to limit others having to touch the food and drink.



Please be sure your child is wearing clean, properly fitted masks as per CDC guidelines.  Staff is advised not to manipulate student masks so it is important that masks fit.  At this time, gaiters and clear face shields are not acceptable alternatives



We are going digital!  All notes for the main office, MUST be submitted online.  Please click HERE for the form.  



COHORT A (K-2 Last Names A-K) 

*All AM preschool students will be remote from HOME on WED/THU/FRI

Monday - in classroom with teacher
Tuesday - in classroom with teacher
Wednesday - remote from home
Thursday - remote home OR in school 
Friday - remote home OR in school 


COHORT B (K-2 Last Names L-Z) 

*All PM preschool students will be remote from HOME on MON/TUE/WED 

Monday - remote home OR in school 
Tuesday - remote home OR in school 
Wednesday - remote from home
Thursday - in classroom with teacher 
Friday - in classroom with teacher



It is IMPERATIVE that you conduct our Student Daily Health screening each morning that your child attends school in-person.  The screening can be found by clicking HERE.


We truly appreciate your support, especially this year, as we celebrate the theme of PATIENCE!  Thank you for sharing your children with us.  We promise to love them, teach them and meet them where they are so we can bring them where they need to be.  In return, we ask you to recognize that we are doing our very best and will continue to do so each and every single day.  


I am so honored to lead this community.  




Take Care and Be well.